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Our Mission and Philosophy

We believe that making architecture is a process of discovery where ideas ultimately find their expression in the form of space, the nature of materials and the quality of light. Architecture is a means of interpreting the world around us, offering the opportunity to transform the rituals of life. Our firm practices architecture as a project-by-project exploration of conceptual thought and building technique. We believe that architecture is an expression of culture that evolves in relation to a complex set of circumstances, both practical and intangible. Our design philosophy is guided by principles of invention and convention, recognizing the boundaries of each project and working within these limits to extract the most compelling visual and functional work of architecture. Each project possesses a unique set of operational and functional requirements, including a unique set of social, historical, and functional relationships. These relationships, both existing and potential, ultimately form the matrix of possibilities from which we draw our inspiration. In this way, we can develop a solution that is both contextual and uniquely specific to a project.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology allows our projects to develop efficiently while maintaining schedules, budgets, and design quality. The end result is better documents to build your building, which translates into fewer in-the-field changes and better construction prices. As a member of your design team, DGA will put at your advantage, powerful visualization tools for design decision-making and for marketing your project. We are continually evolving innovative ways to integrate time-proven design methodologies with up-to-date technologies of today, including fully 3D modeled and rendered CAD images and animated presentations. Our goal is give our clients products that are always high quality, but speedily produced with utmost efficiency. CAD is only one of many tools that allow us the freedom to concentrate on design and service. Our electronic data is organized so that it can be used in many ways throughout the life-cycle of projects from schematic presentations, to construction documents, to furniture and equipment procurement, to electronic "as-built" files.

DGA is committed to sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally appropriate designs. Clients who believe in the conservation of resources, respect for the natural environment, low-impact development and better air quality can work with us to build high performance buildings within normal budgets that allow the enjoyment of substantially lower operating costs. Building materials can be chosen in terms of preserving non-renewable resources. Materials that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment in their manufacture and use can be avoided. Substitutes are available for materials that require frequent replacement or high amounts of energy for manufacture and/or transport to our region. We orient our designs to take advantage of natural daylight, shade and breezes. We encourage the development of previously used properties and the re-use of quality and historic structures. David Gangloff is a member of the United States Green Building Council.

We attach great importance to preserving the local heritage and culture, designing buildings that will continue to enrich one of the most beautiful and uniquely historic areas of our country. Working with the Owner and the Community, as a team, we can identify the most appropriate approach to projects within a historic fabric. Our philosophy is often not to blur the distinction between old and new, but rather to use existing context as inspiration for contemporary detailing that responds to neighboring construction as well as the traditions of the region. By adapting only the features of historic vocabulary that work with the needs of our contemporary world, we convey sensitivity to the past without replication. Every generation has good and bad architecture. The best cities in the world have held onto the better examples of design from each generation, showing the evolution and diversity that has made them vibrant places to live. We strive to have our clients’ projects be good neighbors that contribute to their community into future generations.

Services We Provide

Code Compliance and ADA Studies
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Drawings and Documents
Municipal Presentations
Building Permit Acquisition
Construction Specifications
Bidding & Negotiation
General Contractor Selection
Construction Administration
Construction Observation

Master Planning
Site Feasibility & Analysis
Zoning Research & Evaluation
Project Management & Scheduling
Life Cycle Costing
Value Engineering

Interior Design
Space Planning
Color & Materials Selection
Furniture Layout
Graphic Design & Signage

David C. Gangloff
David Gangloff

California C-25124
Arizona 46017
Nevada 5938
NCARB Certificate 45541

American Institute of Architects
US Green Building Council
Build It Green
International Code Council
Energy Star Partner

David Gangloff has been practicing architecture in California for over 20 years. His career path has included work throughout a broad range of building types with specialization in housing, office tenant improvements, wineries, schools and community centers. His completed projects and happy clients over the years are testament to his commitment to quality of construction, quality of service, and design innovation.

Prior to forming David Gangloff Architects (DGA) in 2005, David was an associate of the San Francisco firm Baum | Thornley Architects LLP (now Gould Evans Baum Thornley), where he was instrumental in the firm’s transformation from a small boutique architecture studio into a technologically advanced, full service design company.

Prior to joining Baum | Thornley in 1999, David worked for San Diego based Roesling Nakamura Architects (now Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects), starting and managing their San Francisco Financial District branch office in 1996, which grew to become Gelfand RNP Architects (now Gelfand Partners), a leader in Northern California educational facility design.

Prior to 1995, David was an architect for the Department of the Navy's Facilities Engineering Command in San Diego where he planned and designed building renovations and additions for the military. His other responsibilities included selecting architecture firms contracting to perform services for the government, reviewing the work of those firms, and preparing interior design packages.

A native of New York and South Carolina, David holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Planning in Knoxville. He attends classes, seminars and conferences regularly to broaden his technical expertise and database of ideas. He is a Certified Green Building Professional and LEED® Accredited Professional dedicated to sustainable practices in architecture.

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